NICHTS & NUTZ Portfolio WELCOME AGAIN Scroll to IS THERE NOTHING PHOTOGRAPHY Yesterday it was dark. Today is summer. And tomorrow will be another day. They're is a lot of nothing and nothing is nothing. BACK TO OVERVIEW CITY SKYLINE SUMMERTIME When you take a book in your hand and realy look at it, you can see it. Only you. And we can see other things. BACK TO OVERVIEW MY SUMMER Syscraper and trees in the hill. And to look in the sky. And if there is nothing, than there is nothing. And this is god. BACK TO OVERVIEW DARK BLUE PHOTODESIGN The beauty of all is not in a social mode. It is outside. It is the face of the book. It shows. The beauty is growing with the passing years. BACK TO OVERVIEW Project 5 DUMMY Wordpress-Design Wordpress Security. Wordpress Design. Wordpress Tools. Wordpress. Wordpress Backups. Wordpress Updates. BACK TO OVERVIEW Project 6 FLUFFY CARST PHOTODOG I like my photos a lot. Everyday. There is a great album. When the pictures are ready for google speed isight. Than there is nothing to see. BACK TO OVERVIEW WHAT WE DO This is a way of looking. There is no wordpress ond nothing with it. LIKE US GET THE ROCK AND GET REAL We meet us on the rocks. And than all will bee good. MY Photo GmbH
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